Run successful health and fitness challenges

  • Drop a jean size and weight loss type challenges.
  • Get stronger, fitter and healthier challenges.
  • Adventure more, sleep more, meditate more challenges.
  • Running, cycling or rowing challenges.
  • 12 hour, 12 day, 12 weeks or 12 month challenges.
  • Challenges for every demographic!
Cover to Fitness Challenge book

Find out how with these resources. 100s of ideas. Discover the biggest benefits to running challenges. Plus, how to match your brand and beliefs to the challenges you create and those created by others that you jump on board with, how to market them, gain sponsorship and prizes, what to charge and what to deliver.

Run your own workshops

Find out why running workshops can be a game changer to your business, how to put together the perfect ones for clients, members, others in your industry and the public.  3 short, easy to read parts in the series.

Workshop book cover