Tri July

This is one of my favourite challenges. It was introduced to me by Laura*. Feel free to use or tweak.  And if by the time you read this July has been and gone, there are 170 Ironman events in a year.  Just re-name it 🙂
  • Take the whole month of July to complete the distances.
  • Do a little each day, or week, or the whole lot at once.
  • Indoor bikes and/or treadmills can be used for some or all of the distances, providing they record distance. No guesstimates.
  • Wheelchairs can be used for the walking leg and a wheelchair hand-bike for the cycling leg.
  • ‘Swimming’  means most of a person’s body is submerged in water, they are moving under their own steam. Aqua jogging, freestyle, dog paddle, etc., all count but they can’t move forward when their feet are on the ground. Flotation devices like kickboards, life vests and flippers, are all allowed.
  • If there is no pool within 20km, people can instead do a 5km kayak, or 5km on an indoor rower.

*Laura was an entrant of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge and trained by PT Amanda (Armitage) Baird.  Laura shared the challenge with our other entrants and a from memory a whopping 180 signed up to the first year we rolled it out.  The most fantastic pics and stories of people nailing out there distances came in all month.  It was such a success I rolled out every year since.

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The bigger take-away here really is how do we support the Laura’s of our challenges?  How do we give entrants the avenue and encouragement to be creative? How can we better support those entrants who will inspire and motivate others into action if given a voice?  These people exist in every challenge and they are not necessarily the loudest or most obvious players.  You can read more about the different entrant types and the 9 Core Drives that allow them to flourish in my book.