Short & Snappy Snippets 1

Quickie Marketing Tips

A little unique maybe but hopefully a lot helpful. 

3 short tips from a list of 40 that you’ll find in my new book and Challenge course, both due out later this year where we ditch the yawn yawn same old generic marketing stuff, for specific stuff that works at the coalface of Challenges.

1.Sponsor others

Sponsoring other people’s events with prizes of Challenge entries and gifting entries to worthwhile causes to help others raise money for a good cause; it’s a neat thing to be able to do regardless, but it also means we get mentioned at those events and put into other people’s advertising material (aka, it’s cheap advertising from appreciative others). Plus, it gives some lucky bean the chance to experience us within the highly motivational structure of our Challenges.

Having various Challenge packages makes gift gifting easy to do.  For example, if you’re worried about all these freebies you give away, bleeding into the limited available time you have ,then gift packages that don’t include your 1-1 services, but do include say group sessions, workshops and access to a forum i.e., low cost,  low maintenance stuff where numbers going up or down a tad, doesn’t really matter, that way you will feel more comfortable saying yes to anyone who’s raising dosh for a good cause and looking for goodies to auction off, or chasing a prize for the local triathlon etc.

Have some flash looking cards with ‘congratulations’ printed on them, with details how to redeem the entry and ready to send off to event organisers.

It proved to be such a winning idea, that I put an invite on my website for anyone wanting sponsorship or support for their worthy event, to hit me up.

2. Make selling easy

When I started out, I was stupidly conscious of sounding desperate for business or that I was big wigging myself whenever I was talking to potential clients.  As a result, it was far easier to get enthusiastic about how my Challenges could help people than how I could.

If that makes no sense at all to you – awesome.  It shouldn’t be a problem any of us have, but if that’s something you’re experiencing, know there are great tools out there to help rid you of those crazy thoughts, but in the meantime, if ‘selling’ something that feels separate to you feels easier, then do that.

3. Do stunning reports

Do reports detailing the progress and achievements of entrants.  Whether 1 page or 20, make them look good. Layout the pictures and details as if your client is showing it to their friend, (because they probably will) and who may also be the decision maker of a huge company that needs you!

Print the reports out, with your branding on them, and physically hand them to your entrants, as well as giving them a digital copy.

Ask them if you can put a copy of the report in a ‘success’ folder in your waiting area for potential clients to look through.