Short & Snappy Snippets 2

Quickie Marketing Tips

4 more tips from 40+ that you’ll find in my new book and Challenge course, where we ditch the yawn yawn same old generic marketing advice, for specific stuff that works at the coalface of Challenges.

4. FOMOafying our Challenges

What is a safe and effective exercise for one-to-one training sessions with clients won’t always be suitable for group sessions. Examples include eccentric training with free weights, and heavy bench presses or squats to fatigue.

There’s another bunch of stuff that only really works in larger group classes like interactive games, team stuff and mini competitions between members.

The fringe benefit of this division of content is that group class members can never think they are doing the same stuff that the one-to-one clients are doing, simply paying less for it.  Similarly, the one-to-one clients will know they are missing out on all that stuff that only happens in the group sessions.

While the divvy up is often done out of necessity it also means each of our services helps grow the other. Running with this idea, what else could our transformation Challenges include, that would help differentiate them from everything else we offer?

Instead of just bundling up what we already have, for example ‘1 PT session a week, unlimited group fitness classes, access to a private Facebook group and a diet plan’  add some FOMO flavour?

FOMO flavoured things could include: – workshops, photoshoots, a new style of class, gorgeous end of Challenge reports, eligibility to attend a special event or adventure, sessions with an affiliate professional, home use of a treadmill, rower or bike, the use of heart rate monitors, massage balls, Shakti mats, blenders, glucose testing kits, home delivered meals?

5. Spice things up

List a variety of Challenges on your website and in your brochures/social media etc., 6 to 12 months ahead of time for people to book into or register their interest in.

This variety will help keep more people that hit your website, find a Challenge they are interested in.  It also gives people a better picture of what your business is about. By listing them so far in advance you’re also more likely to capture more people, plus it reveals that you’re a plan-ahead type of a person. That’s a good thing in this game and shows you are not just firing out Challenges when you need more clients.

6. Register your interest

Including an option for people to book in and pay for our Challenges on our website is key but it’s also handy to have a ‘register your interest’ option. This is especially the case if the details of our Challenges are scanty in which case the ‘Buy’ button becomes too ‘pushy’ too fast.   We may not realise how scanty the information is in some people’s minds so maybe wack up a ‘register your interest’ button just in case.   Better that people will push that and stay in the loop with your business than push away from your site altogether.

7.  Reassure them

Now’s your chance!  The moment someone registers their interest or hits buy, send them something that wows them and

a) reveals your expertise,

b) gets them started on the journey,

c) tells them what’s next, and

d) asks them to get in touch if they have any questions.

It could be a pre-screen, goal sheet, dietary recall, personality profile quiz but make it something that requires their input (as opposed to something they just read or watch) and tells us, the Challenge creator, a little more about them and which will be relevant to their journey.  We don’t want the interactive element to be so onerous that it’s overwhelming, but it should help them feel reassured about their decision and get them a little bit excited about, and invested in, their up-and-coming journey with us.