What’s your reach?

You play a key role in making your community stronger, and that’s not just because a bunch of lucky people get to train with you, receive your advice and then rocket their way to good health; it’s because of the flow on effect of your clients and class members on other people.

At the end of your next Challenge throw down this question on your final feedback form to entrants and learn more about your ‘reach’.

‘Has your participation in our Challenge resulted in other people taking up a better health and fitness regime?’

Here were the responses from about 200 entrants to a similar question at the end of a Challenge we ran.

  • 32% said yes, 1 person had
  • 46% said yes, between 2 and 5 people
  • 6% said yes, between 6-15 people
  • 1% said yes, more than 16
  • 15% said no-one else had

That means 500-ish + other people benefited from the efforts of our 200 entrants. Or we could say, for every 10 entrants, another 25 benefited, and that’s before taking into account how many people that next tier impacted.

How flipping very awesome is that?

Something to shout to the world, me thinks.

If you are keen to increase the reach of your health and fitness Challenges, or know what other questions are brill to ask at the the start and end of your Challenges, then sign up to my monthly newsletter or join me on our Challenge Course. Yeah.