Who is The Challenge Chic?  That would be me.  Broni McSweeney, most commonly known for my business Catch Fitness.

After working as a lawyer in outback Australia, I shifted gears, moved to New Zealand and embarked on a career in recreation and fitness.  I  now live between the two countries working on a whole wad of health and fitness resources for schools, workplaces and our fab industry.

Fitness Trainer

I’ve worked as a gym instructor, personal trainer and a group fitness instructor; with high performance athletes, CEOs and home detention prisoners,  people training for the police force, army and fire service, with special needs groups, athletes, dancers, circus performers, factory workers, farmers, seniors and school students.  Most of you reading this probably have a very similar list. Lucky us.


My business, Catch Fitness, was established to support people working in the fitness industry. One of the ways it did this was through workshops.  Catch Fitness has now run over 300 educational workshops to date, utilising some 200 presenters.

Educator roles I’ve been lucky enough to hold include:-  Lecturer at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) on the personal training course for 6 years; Tutor at ARA (The Ara Institute of Technology) on their fitness course for 4 years; Exercise Science Tutor and Body Trainer with the ARA performing arts department for 5 years.

I was also fortunate to present at several conferences, including: GetActiveNZ, FitEx, Tonic, YMCA and the Exercise Association Roadshow.

Challenge creator

Pretty much from day one as a fit pro, I was organizing Challenges at a fabulous club I was working at.  Events that lasted anything from an hour to several months.   One of these, The LoveNZ Challenge, had more and more entrants sign up to it each month, with well over 600 on board I before I put it down to work on the larger Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge, which ended up with over 3000.

That larger Challenge ran 15 times, mostly during winter, so as to support both trainers and entrants at a time when I believe they most needed each other. It was rolled out by almost 200 REPs registered personal trainers and many more put their hands up to be involved.  It gave away more than $100,000 in prizes and generated far more than that in income for the PTs.  It was so successful that many PTs did it every year, and a number built their whole business around it.  You can read over 100 PT reviews here.

Apart from helping others in the fitness industry develop their own bespoke Challenges I am working on Challenges for schools, mainly the hard to reach teens, as well as workplaces.

Other related opportunities

The greatest opportunity has been the chance to work with so many inspiring and knowledgeable people, who were crazy patient with my often slow progress and forgiving of my mistakes.  They were the door-openers and the cheering squad, the safety net and the gap fillers.

Testimonials, reviews and accolades

I have been honored to receive the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award at the NZ Exercise Industry Awards as well as Educator of the Year and a Finalist of the Mentor Award.

If you would like some reassurances about the workshops, challenges, lectures etc., that I have organised and delivered you can check out over 1000 testimonials and reviews here, on the testimonial page.

What you won’t find on this site

These resources don’t consist of prescriptive exercises or nutritional programmes.  The resources are gap fillers, for people who have qualifications in those areas or want to work in with people who do have qualifications and who understand why they would want to be the ones creating the exercise and nutritional pieces for their clients. I’m always happy to throw in my ideas on that stuff, and some of the time I do but it’s not in a generic/prescriptive/everyone should do it like this kind of way. Essentially what’s here packages up what you professionals already know into something more magical! Something that more people want to be part of. It’s about extending your reach and your impact.  About using innovative ways to have people follow your advice, succeed and look to you for their next adventure. And often, it’s also just about making some things easier for you, so you can focus on what you love and are good at.

That’s it

The site is new,  launched in 2020, so that means it should get better and richer in terms of it’s content.  If it proves itself to be useful, which is my main aim, the membership to the site will hopefully grow and give me momentum to keep producing useful stuff.   At the moment the membership is tiny, so if you do find it to be helpful stuff, or know people in your world who would benefit from the content even if you don’t, please share share.

And please drop me an email if you have any questions, stories or ideas.  I’ll always respond timely and appreciatively.  You will find my contact details here.

Broni McSweeney

P.S. For the grammar Nazi’s. Sorry-ish. I liked ‘Chic’ more than ‘Chick’ and hope it conjures up thoughts around a style of dress – in my case, functional kit that lets me say “yes” to whatever adventures the day holds.  One of my fav ‘Chic’ clothing lines is my mate’s Alchemy Equipment. Their tagline is ‘Performance Driven Style’.