Challenge Course

Online – 6 weeks

Starts June 3rd 2021: Limit of 16 people

This course is for:  Health and fitness clubs/gyms, personal trainers, fitness coaches, nutritionists and dietitians.

At the end of this course you will have an on-brand health/fitness challenge all set to roll as well as an overflow of other challenge ideas for new and existing markets; understand how to set up challenges up so they have a  positive impact on people’s health and fitness, engage staff, bring in new leads and help get your existing clients positively raving about you; ensure they are profitable from the get go; know how to attract sponsors and to be able to pull together an awesome prize pool.

It’s going to rock!  Guaranteed.


  • Weekly course material.
  • Live group get together in week 2 (90 min), 3 (60 min) and 5 (30 min) Thursdays: 1.05 pm = Aotearoa; 11.05 am = AEST, 9.05 am = Sandgropers and a one to one in week 6.
  • Membership to a group portal where we tackle all the trouble spots, not just for the duration of the course, but forever forever.

Time involved: 

  • Course contact time = 1 hour a week, except for week 2 which will be 2 hours.
  • Participants can expect to do 1 additional hour a week in their own time.


  • Computer
  • Fast internet access for live groups
  • An open mind and a can do attitude

What you don’t need:

  • To be tech savvy
  • Current clients, customers or members
  • To have any experience in delivering challenges

Cost: $149

Crazy super opening deal: $99 Aussie dollars before December 24th 2020. Pay a $49 deposit now and pay the remaining $50 anytime before May 1st, 2021.


Because of Covid19.

Because between now and then you’ll get one email a month from me which will get you thinking (and excited) about the challenges you could run.

Because it will help you commit, in some small way, to the idea of something, which bets on, proves to be just awesome for your business, and

Because you’ll start noticing things between now and then, that will slot in nicely and ever so easily into the plan we work on together.

Guarantee: Of course

100% money back if you’re not stoked with the course.  If you don’t come out the other side and feel it’s not been great value for money, I’m happy to refund all your dosh and gift you a pressie from my store.