5 Key Steps To Successful Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Challenges.

If your 12 week type Challenges are not reaping the success you had hoped for i.e., you’re not getting new clients, rave reviews, great results and higher retention, then you wouldn’t be alone, but rest assured you can turn it around.

In this session discover 5 key, practical, do-right-now, ingredients to fire up your Challenges, no matter how long or short they are, so they are a real winner for those that do them and for you people running them.

These steps are all based on the journeys of 1000s of Challenge entrants and the session, presented at the NZ national fitness conference, received rave reviews.  Great for personal trainers, gyms and other health and fitness professionals.

Feedback from this session

Very informative and personable presenter. Great specific and direct tips to help me expand my business. G. Oden

Awesome content with great ideas 🙂 Rachel Scott

One of the best sessions I’ve ever attended. So much information to take away to create my first 12 week challenge. J. King

So far, the most beneficial session I’ve been to, very relevant and very engaging. James

Totally awesome, thank you. 🙂 C. Bolton

Very engaging and passionate. M. Los

  • Location: Perth: Western Australia
  • Time: Allow 2 hours plus 15 minute pre-chat with organiser
  • Cost: $350 for up to 35 people
  • Requires: Overhead projector
  • Bring: Smiles, questions and a name badges.
  • Includes: Copy of presentation and notes for all attendees.
  • Who is it for: Personal trainers, gym managers/owners, health and fitness professionals.
  • What else: The content of the workshop is equally relevant regardless of your training methodology and/or dietary beliefs and/or Challenge focus.
  • What you don’t need: To be tech savvy, have current clients, customers or members or  any experience in delivering health or fitness Challenges.
  • What this isn’t: A lead generating avenue into any other course, business or products that I am involved with.  It’s a stand alone, content rich, session.  I also don’t collect attendee details.

Get the ball rolling by emailing catchfitness@gmail.com with the date, time and location you have in mind or phone 0406 882 025.