• Discover how challenges can help more of your clients to be successful.
  • Find out why challenges are so brilliant at introducing new people to our world.
  • Find out how to nurture newbies beyond their first challenge with us.
  • Build challenges that help regulars who have plateaued.
  • Learn how to match your brand and beliefs to the challenges you create.
  • See how challenges can support your staff, subcontractors and improve the culture of your business
  • How to market your challenges, gain sponsorship and give prizes.
  • What to charge.
  • What to deliver and what not to deliver.
  • Hundreds of ideas for all types of challenges and all types of people.

Set your clients and your business up for success

Hundreds of ideas for all types of challenges!

  • Drop a jean size and weight loss challenges.
  • Get stronger, fitter and healthier challenges.
  • Adventure more, sleep more, do more, do less challenges.
  • 12 minute, 12 hour, 12 day, 12 week and 12 month challenges.
  • Run faster, train harder and recover better challenges.
  • Challenges for children through to seniors.
  • Virtual challenges, online and face to face.
  • For gym members, PT clients, group fittie attendees, workplaces and sport’s teams.
  • Whatever health and fitness challenges you’ve thought of, and heaps that you haven’t!