Health & Fitness Challenges

Over 4000 people have done our Catch Fitness Challenges, over 200 Personal Trainers have rolled them out and over a $100,000 in prizes have been dished out.  Find out why they were so successful, take what you like and then create your own bespoke success story. Check out the 100s of testimonials  here or just dive in for stacks of ideas.

Who we are for

Health and fitness clubs, exercise physiologists, personal trainers, dietitians, physiotherapists, movement coaches, nutritionists, behavioral modification experts, group fitness instructors and anyone else keen to roll out health and fitness Challenges.

What we will cover

Challenge content and design, sales and marketing, health and fitness testing, motivation of entrants, staff and you, evaluations and feedback, prizes, sponsorship and whole lot more.


  • Why it’s time to think beyond weight loss Challenges
  • What will entice people to join your Challenges
  • How to ensure entrants cross the finish line a success, regardless of whether they reach their goal
  • Easy ways to ensure entrants positively rave about the experience
  • How Challenges can improve the culture of your business
  • The importance of sponsorship, and how to get started
  • The best prizes ever and when to dish them out
  • Different ways to price your services, and
  • For those already running educational courses – how and why to turn them into Challenges

All Challenges

  • Challenges to get stronger, fitter, healthier
  • Lasting 30 seconds to 12 months
  • Which raise money for great causes
  • Are run virtually, online and face to face
  • For gym members, clients, group fitness classes, workplaces and sports teams

Media Coverage

Effective Step Challenges

Prizes & Sponsorship

When someone says ‘Challenges’ do you only think of ‘8 weeks to a bikini body’ type Challenges,  or ’30 days to a six pack’ apps,  or maybe the 10,000 steps a day fund raising Challenges, and are you very not excited by any of those? If so, then you are in for an awesome surprise.  We’ll open the door on an unlimited number of Challenges that will be popular, ooze your beliefs and incorporate all your favourite bits of advice.

Do you know my most popular Challenges were often the cardiovascular ones!  One year over 200 people signed up for a Challenge that was promoted just like this

‘Haven’t done anything fitnessey for a while? Want to go from being a walker to a runner, hike happily up hills or just not puff going up stairs? Then this is the Challenge for you.’

160 people did it the year before, and a 100 the year before that!  It kept growing. Want to know what the 2nd most popular one was?  Or why we created a cardiovascular Challenge and how it was judged?

Had you decided Challenges take too much time and effortLearn the principles and bets on you will soon see it as your best lead generator and retention tool, that any time and effort will be well rewarded.

Are you wondering how your Challenges can compete with the ones of influencers and celebs?  Easily is the answer.  Dive in and find out how.

What makes a Challenge successful? 

Success is more than just a good number of people signing up to your Challenge.  Success is having entrants positively rave about their experience and having more of your clients achieve their goals.  It’s also about you enjoying the process of helping people more and that your Challenges are easy to roll out, financially successful and improving the culture of your workplace, strengthening the bonds it has in the community.

While goals and deadlines are ingredients of every successful Challenge, they aren’t what make it successful in all of the ways just mentioned. In pizza terms, goals and deadlines are the pizza base.  The success is in the sauce and the toppings :-)

The toppings are what give you the advantage, the high retention levels, the rave about factor, the ability to pull back on your marketing because your referrals are so high and your community connections so strong, the skills to get more people across the finish line and offer bigger prize pools and better programmes. It goes well beyond what exercises or nutritional advice you dish out, beyond your prize pool and beyond how nice you are.   But, it’s all stuff that you can totally rock at.

We all want awesome pizzas…. and Challenges.

Still not sure? Check out some of our freebie, non-member resources.

Other resources

Look at the book

An awesome choice for readers who are passionate about maxing out the benefits of their Challenges.  A resource book to come back to time and time again to amp up small Challenges and big ones.  Perfect for managers who want to support their staff and members, their subcontractors and local community.

Let’s make Challenges together

Perfect if you hate reading or you just want a super fun and effective way to create a bunch of done and dusted bespoke challenges.  It’s the cream of the crop option and also by far the best choice if you have a group of people you want to have involved in rolling out your Challenges.