Health & Fitness Challenges

Are you giving out great advice, training people awesomely, dishing out lots of support but still find people want more ‘motivation’? Do clients struggle to apply and stick to your great advice, or train when you’re not around?   You’re not alone if yes and running a few challenges could well propel you and them to another level of success.

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  • Learn how to match your brand and beliefs to the challenges you create.
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  • Ideas for all types of challenges and all types of people.

More clients

If you’re in need of more clients, members and customer, challenges are one of the very best ways I know to attract them into your world – just listen to what PT of the year Kate says about them here.

Set your clients and your business up for success

Hundreds of ideas for all types of challenges!

  • Drop a jean size and weight loss challenges.
  • Get stronger, fitter and healthier challenges.
  • Adventure more, sleep more, do more, do less challenges.
  • 12 minute, 12 hour, 12 day, 12 week and 12 month challenges.
  • Run faster, train harder and recover better challenges.
  • Challenges for children through to seniors.
  • Virtual challenges, online and face to face.
  • For gym members, PT clients, group fittie attendees, workplaces and sport’s teams.
  • Whatever health and fitness challenges you’ve thought of, and heaps that you haven’t!

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