40 Themed Challenge Ideas

You’ve got your Halloween Challenge all set to go aye? A pumpkin circuit maybe with Rocky Horror music?


I used to run a ‘222 Challenge’ at the gym I worked at. Members had a whole week to do 2km on the rower, treadmill and bike. Any order.
At Halloween it became the ‘666 Challenge’ with extra prizes up for grabs if you came dressed in theme.
Loads of members did it and the bosses let non-members come into the club and do the challenge, for nothing! We gave out lots of prizes. Members dressed as devils armed with pitch forks, and ghosts. All in all it was a whopping success on a bunch of levels.
I LOVE challenges.
If you’re keen on having oodles of exciting and enticing health and fitness, transformational type challenges in your world, then this  blog post, is totally for you.
It includes one of the fun games I have used over and over again with students and trainers who are trying to come up with ideas and flesh them out with excitement and win-wins for staff, members, PTs, etc.
There are at least 40 ‘themed’ challenge ideas in there – for Xmas, Easter, Mother’s Days etc.


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