How to take before and after photos

The definitive guide.

Before and after pics always tell a story.  Although we typically think of that story as one that relates to body shape change, weight loss and muscle gain, they can just as powerfully tell the story of how a client has overcome injuries, improved their flexibility, increased their strength and most every other improvement they’ve made.

What this guide includes.

  • Four types of before and after pictures to get excited about.
  • How to take professional, accurate ‘official’ transformation photos.
  • Ensuring your clients love them and they inspire others.
  • The six helpful details to include with any pictures that go public, and
  • What to do if you have no before photos!

When done well, ‘before and after’ photos are incredibly powerful. Done not so well and they can damage our reputation as a health and fitness professional.  Not done at all and we lose a golden opportunity.

What else is in the guide?  A bunch of FAQs like…

  • Can clients do their own pics?
  • Should I do them for all clients, even if they are not in a ‘challenge’
  • Can before pics be de-motivational?
  • Are ‘progress’ pictures different?
  • What’s best when it comes to lighting, tans and posture?
  • Isn’t there an App that can help me with all of this?
  • Do PTs charge for taking photos?
  • How can pics showing no change be the most inspirational ones… ever?