How and why to take before and after photos

The definitive guide.

Before and after photos always tell a story.  Although we typically think of that story as one of body shape change, weight loss and muscle gain, they can open the door to the even bigger story behind those changes.  And since when were before and after photos limited to body shape?

What this guide includes.

  • Different types of before and after pictures.
  • Knowing what about a photo inspires others.
  • What to do if you have no before photos!
  • Why people will think your photos are fake and what to do about it.

When done well, ‘before and after’ photos are incredibly powerful. Done not so well and they can damage our reputation as a health and fitness professional.  Not done at all and we lose a golden opportunity.

A great ‘after’ photo, like the one of David below, will raise people’s interest easily, beckoning for them to open the door to a person’s story. It’s that story that will  connect with and inspire far more people than a picture alone could.

Before and after photos that don’t lead to a bit more of story is a wasted opportunity. They don’t do the person justice, their journey or the involvement of health and fitness professionals in their transformation.

This Member’s Only Before And After Guide will help you to expand how you showcase what you already know to be true – that your client’s results extend way beyond a change in body shape.

And it’ll reassure you about what other types of before and after pics are so powerful like the before pictures of people under-going chemo, or an arm in a cast, or the xray of their broken leg, with after photos of people skiing, crossing the finish lines of races and doing other things they weren’t sure when or if they’d ever be able to do again.  And even before and after photos of what’s been inside of people’s fridges and pantries, of their Friday night dinners and of their supermarket shopping receipts, of the blood sugar levels and blood pressure.  All of them gold and leading to so many insightful stories.


What else is in the guide?  A bunch of FAQs like…

  • Should clients do their own photos?
  • Should clients post before pics for added motivation?
  • The best lighting, tans, colours and posture?
  • How to promote your business with photos?
  • How can photos showing no change be inspirational?