Fitness Australia Stats

The trainers I’ve spoken to are gobsmacked by those survey results thinking there’s no way it could be that bad.  I admit to thinking the same, but is that because of the circle of people we hang with?

Did more exercise professionals who were the sole income earner for their household, or sole traders, go online than did say those who worked at gyms, who may not have access to member data and/or whose club took over dealing with the situation?

Did anyone else check out gym websites?  Most I looked at haven’t even mentioned COVID19  let alone they were closed or that they had any online offerings – but maybe that was all just happening internally with their existing database of members.

Anyhoo, the results of this survey are the first to come through and only included around 2000 people/boutique clubs (still a fair chunk, but not everyone). Only time, and another round of detailed stat collecting will tell.