Challenge Insights

Giving out prizes and gifts at the start of our health and fitness challenge wasn’t on the agenda.

We already had prizes sprinkled along the course of our challenge with $1000s up for grabs at the end. Surely that was enough?

  • Follow Tommy’s story as she sets about doing her first ever bike challenge put together by her local bike shop concluding with ideas on how the Challenge could be tweaked to entice more Tommy’s to enter and to cross the finish line.
  • Check out what type of giveaways we organised for our entrants at the start of our 20 week fitness/transformation challenge and what other ideas we came up with to combat the same types of dilemmas Tommy had experienced.
  • Dive into a few brainstorming notes about how these ideas could play out for a foodie focused challenge.

Regardless of what type of health and fitness challenge you are organising, I guarantee you’ll get some ideas from this blog post.

Who’s this resource for? 

Anyone running challenges or programmes….

  • where body-shape changes are expected to take place,
  • aimed at people who are new to the type of service you are offering,
  • who are keen to add more value to their challenges,
  • who are keen to incorporate sponsors and/or work in with other health and fitness professionals, or
  • who want to entice more people to get across the start line of their challenges.