Prizes & Sponsors Guide

  1. The 6 big benefits to having prizes for your challenges.
  2. 6 situations you really should consider giving out prizes for if you want more people to sign up, cross the finish line successfully, and jump on board with your next challenge.
  3. Starting out. Tips to pull together prizes.
  4. Going next level and building a bigger prize pool.
  5. What prizes ‘work’ best.
  6. Why you really do want sponsors, and a gold mine of ideas around how to attract them into your world.

If you’re not convinced that your challenges need prizes – please read this guide.

Who are these ideas for?

Health and fitness businesses who would like to start down the road of gathering together prizes for their challenges or grow an existing prize pool; anyone who wants the low down about how to use prizes to help clients be more successful and to grow their business as well as anyone not yet convinced that prizes, sponsors and challenges are the way to go.