You’re very own magazine!

This is a temporary COVID-19 offering.  These mags form part of a package I offer to workplaces but until the end of 2020 I have set them up for fitness clubs and fit pros to use. They are $5 each for unlimited download but the $29 personalizing is free free on any mags you buy.  Just use the code iamreps at checkout and send me your deets to put on your mags. 

Step 1: Choose your magazines

Choose from our growing number of magazines, chock full of useful healthy snippets and no advertising.

For just $5, print out as many copies as you like of a magazine and/or distribute digitally to all your clients, gym and class members.

Click on the pics to reveal more detail about the content of each.

Step 2

Optional add ons!

Send us your business name and logo and we’ll add them to the covers of any magazines you purchase from us for a whole year, for just $29.

Personalize for $29

Alternatively make the magazines 100% yours! Brand as your own. Add in stories about your star performers, events you have coming up, your favourite recipe, pictures of your team.  Delete or change any of our articles and pictures.

For just $39 you’ll receive access to the easiest drop and drag editing programme ever, Canva.  Used by 11 million people, you can fully edit as many of your mags as you want for a 28 days.  Use any of the 1000s of free pictures offered by Canva.

a) Reinforce your advice: 

  • Ever given advice to clients during a session knowing it’s just not the right environment for them to be able to remember it?
  • Ever assumed your clients knew about the importance of getting enough sunlight, sleep, movement, water, variety of food etc., only to find out months, even years later, that they didn’t?
  • Have you ever wished you had something to give members, to take home and read that backed up your advice? Something short and relevant, that wouldn’t be too overwhelming for them to read?

Look no further!

b) Combat the myths:  While many people won’t buy fitness reading material others will, but what makes the biggest sales?  It’s not the peer reviewed medical journals. It’s magazines, podcasts and Instagram posts oozing with trashy health and fitness advice. Diet and fitness books written by celebrities with no fitness training or people who have lost 150 kg eating just apples. Through no fault of their own they are taking on board tons of bs, with no reputable material to combat it.

c) Marketing: On a marketing level, hard copy magazines can be great value.  Mags sit in receptions,  staff rooms, on coffee tables and book shelves for a long time. They get handed from one person to another.  If your branding is on the front and the content is short and good, it can make for a super way to keep getting your name out and about.  The trick is to produce something that is cheap enough to print off and easy enough to customize to make this a viable option.  Voilā..welcome to our mags.


With all this in mind I produced a series of 20 short weekly magazines full of the bare essentials. They were then used by personal trainers with some 3000 clients as part of our 20 Week Challenge.

I’ve now put together five mags using that material.

  • All of the mags you can professionally brand as your own or use the generic ‘Catch Fitness’ ones.
  • You can any take stuff out of them, change the text and add in pages and pictures all using a super easy drop and drag programme we’ll give you access to called Canva.
  • None of the mags are dated, so are far less likely to become dated.
  • You can check out their content before you buy them.
  • $5 buys you the mag and the rights to distribute as up to 250,000 hard and/or digital copies!
  • They are designed for printing out double sided, in A5 size.  A mini magazine – making it cheaper and easier to distribute, mail etc., but you can print them at a4 size just as easy.

Additional options: If you like this idea and are REPs registered in NZ, check out the ‘Tell Me More’ series as well.  They have 12 one page newsletters in the series each dedicated to one topic.  Topics include: ageing, lifting weights, weight loss, sleep and pelvic floor safety.  While not alterable in a digital format, they contain robust advice, you can get hard copies of them and attach your business card.   200 of them is $13  – perfect for dropping off around at local workplaces as part of your marketing strategy.