Currently only available in Perth, Western Australia.

For instructors and coaches of bootcamp and circuit style classes, sports teams, physical theartre and/or groups who need to ‘gel’  in a physical realm.

2 hours – practical

This workshop incorporates principles used by successful team leaders within companies, sport teams and the armed forces.

The workshop has received overwhelmingly positive feedback (click here to view ) and was delivered at national and local conferences in New Zealand and on the AUT course for personal trainers.

Reassurance for bootcamp instructors, PTs and group fitness.  There’s no need to change your training methodology, no need to ask for referrals or to become a pushy sales person to ensure high retention, plenty of referrals and get great results from your participants.

Reassurance for coaches. The best team building happens at training.  By the time you get to game day, the opportunity has been and gone.  Kick start your training sessions with tried and tested ways to help everyone get a long, and support each other, from the get-go, regardless of fitness levels or the sport your playing these principles will gel for everyone.

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5 Keys To Successful Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Challenges.

If your 12 week type Challenges are not reaping the success you had hoped for i.e., you’re not getting new clients, rave reviews, great results and higher retention, then you wouldn’t be alone, but rest assured you can turn it around.

In this session discover five practical, do-right-now, ingredients to fire up your Challenges, no matter how long or short they are, so they are a real winner for those that do them and for you people running them.

These steps are all based on the journeys of 1000s of Challenge entrants and the session, presented at the NZ national fitness conference, received rave reviews.  Great for personal trainers, gyms and other health and fitness professionals.

Feedback from this session

  • Very informative and personable presenter. Great specific and direct tips to help me expand my business. G. Oden
  • Awesome content with great ideas 🙂 Rachel Scott
  • One of the best sessions I’ve ever attended. So much information to take away to create my first 12 week challenge. J. King
  • So far, the most beneficial session I’ve been to, very relevant and very engaging. James
  • Totally awesome, thank you. 🙂 C. Bolton
  • Very engaging and passionate. M. Los

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