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A content rich 12 page magazine with no advertising.

  • 10 DIY ideas to a healthier workplace. Includes ways to encourage walking breaks, healthy snacks and having plants on desks. Why we should get a daily dose of sunshine and reasons to share out fruit smoothies with our workmates.
  • Caffeine – good, bad or awesome? Turns out it depends on your genetics!  Includes tips on how to make the most out of this liquid gold as well as other hot options to boost performance.
  • To sit or stand? How about both! This short article reveals it’s more about regular movement than doing one or the other.
  • Reasons to sleep on the job. The benefits of laying down for a few minutes in the middle of the workday.
  • Healthy colon habits.  A topic others might steer away from but with alarming bowel cancer rates, we tackle it head on with a simple suggestion around putting your feet up!
  • The Trouble Tree. A story about how to leave your work troubles at work.

Magazine downloads immediately.

Can be printed your end (A5 double sided works a treat, as does A4) and/or they are perfect for sharing as PDFs, on line, in emails etc. or even printing your favourite pages out as A3 posters.

While we are happy for you to distribute the magazine for free to all your clients and club/class members for this one off fee of $5. Our graphics license does not permit you to sell these magazines.

Have your logo added by purchasing the personalisation add on or go next level with the full customization option.

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