Ideas to help connect your clients, customers and members this Christmas and all year long!

Each year, at the end of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge, almost all the entrants would bring a wrapped pressie for another entrant, to our awards night. People placed them on a table by the front door as they arrived and picked another one up on the way out. No-one put their names with the gifts and sometimes there were hundreds of them.

Some people made their gifts, like cakes, artwork, aprons, jewelry and soaps. Other people bought, or re-gifted, inexpensive useful little things like socks and moisturizers. Some gifts were a bit more massive like vouchers for makeovers, haircuts, photography shoots, to take a racing car for a test drive! Some gifts came with a congratulations card or a letter wishing the receiver all the best for the journey ahead, and some with an insightful story from the giver’s own 20 week journey.

In the last two series of that Challenge, when we had to take the awards event online, we did a postal version of that game. While less people played, the stories and the cards that went with the gifts seemed to be much more common and the feedback was even more wonderful. People imparted stories about their journey, the good, the bad and the ugly, the very personal, the very helpful, the very tragic, the very inspiring, all anonymously to someone else who had also taken that 20 week journey.

The result

I think there were massive benefits for the giver, sharing stuff like that, in such a unique way and I have no doubt some stories got told, that may never otherwise have seen the light of day. As for the receiver, sure they may have opened a box full of lovely home-made soaps, but they also received an insight into someone else’s journey, and an authentic congratulations and a sincere wish for them to have a healthy, happy, fit future. I think many receivers would have felt less alone and more connected as a result, more reassured, and very much more part of something bigger, from that smallish gesture. And it also meant that everyone who wanted to, got a tangible reward at the end of the Challenge, even if it wasn’t one of our prizes.

What does all this mean?

Swapping gifts could happen at the end of most every Challenge and at Christmas time, which is just around the corner and why I am now sharing this with you all. It’s easy to do and I think the benefits are too massive not to consider.

If you want to play an anonymous Secret Santa with the other members of my database, via snail mail, send me a heads up, together with an alias (superstar) name I can use for you and a postal address your gift can be sent to, before November 27th each year! You can gift anything you like that you think would be useful to another health and/or exercise professional.

For more ideas on how to use this game my book ‘ 12 Workplace Wellbeing Challenges – For Happier Brains and Healthier Bodies’ is currently available at the cheapest price Amazon will let me price it at i.e., US 2.99. and it’ll be that for the month of November only if you want to grab a copy. It’s a picture book of sorts, uploaded as a Kindle but it doesn’t need a Kindle to be read on. You can use your phone or a computer and what’s called a cloud reader.

Here’s to a merry fitness Christmas