Draft page – For public release Monday 13th Dec

Thanks heaps

Have you seen Derek Sivers TED talk? A guy is shown dancing all alone to the music at festival.  He’s obviously having a blast, going all crazy like on a grassy hill, heaps of people watching him, but no-one joining in.  Finally, someone else starts dancing crazy-fun like with him, and they wave for a friend to join in and suddenly in under 30 seconds, hundreds join in.

The video is only 3 minutes long and well worth the watch, serving as a neat reminder about how powerful and wonderful you first followers are.

As a thank you for showing support for the Perth Fitness Industry Conference right off the bat I am …

  • creating a supporter’s zone on the opening conference page  next week
  • putting supporter’s logos on it, like yours, linked back to your websites
  • doing a thank you mention of supporters on my LinkedIn page, and
  • advising supporters first as other opportunities arise to showcase your business via the conference.

Send me your logo or sing out if I’ve used your logo below and you would prefer to stay anonymous or use a different one. Nothing a problem.  You can also have your logo taken off at any stage.

And to anyone wanting to jump on in as a supportive first follower, I am simply asking that they share the conference details on one of their social media pages i.e., Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and if they want, tag me in, or tell me and I can share their post via my pages too, with a big as ‘Thanks heaps’ at the top of it!