Successful Group Fitness Training

For instructors and coaches of bootcamp and circuit style classes, sports teams, physical theartre and/or groups who need to ‘gel’  in a physical realm.

2 hours – practical

This workshop incorporates principles used by successful team leaders within companies, sport teams and the armed forces.

The workshop has received overwhelmingly positive feedback (click here to view ) and was delivered at national and local conferences in New Zealand and on the AUT course for personal trainers.

Reassurance for bootcamp instructors, PTs and group fitness.  There’s no need to change your training methodology, no need to ask for referrals or to become a pushy sales person to ensure high retention, plenty of referrals and get great results from your participants.

Reassurance for coaches. The best team building happens at training.  By the time you get to game day, the opportunity has been and gone.  Kick start your training sessions with tried and tested ways to help everyone get a long, and support each other, from the get-go, regardless of fitness levels or the sport your playing these principles will gel for everyone.

  • Location: Perth: Western Australia.
  • Time and date: To suit you.
  • Cost: $350 for up to 35 adult participants.
  • Requirements: A large, clear, indoor space or equivalent outside area (minimum 30m x 30 m). This is a practical session and attendees need to be dressed in suitable attire for physical activity, ideally wearing name badges, and with pens and paper to take notes.
  • Includes: Copy of presentation and notes will be forwarded to yourself and/or all attendees.
  • What else: The content of the workshop is equally relevant regardless of your training methodology, dietary beliefs, session content.  We will use a standard ‘strength and conditioning’ template, with mainstream exercises, commonly used in bootcamps and training sessions with teams.
  • What you don’t need: To have current clients, customers or members or any experience in delivering fitness sessions.
  • What this isn’t: A lead generating avenue into any other of my courses, business or products that I am involved with.  It’s a stand alone, content rich, session.  I also don’t collect attendee details.

A bit of background.

I went to Mike Catton’s bootcamp in the middle of winter. It was dark and there was ice on the ground but people of all ages and fitness levels were rolling in, smiling! When I went back the week after those same people were there again, and they had bought others.  I could see why.

Mike was a local fitness instructor who had worked with the British Army as their Adventurous Training Officer as well as designing and delivering accelerated learning skills courses to students at the University of Surrey.  He went on to set up a business called ‘Lead Peak Performance’ .

This session includes the lessons I learn’t from Mike and a few extra’s I picked up along the way, but fair to say, the best ones are all what I took away from his sessions.  I guarantee it will be both insightful and useful for anyone taking group fitness based sessions, or wanting to, or your money back.