Why run workshops

Organising workshops is a great way to support your existing customers and bring in heaps of new leads, and that holds true whether you’re a gym, a personal trainer, a dietitian, a group fitness instructor, a physiotherapist or any other type of health and fitness professional.

If you’re not convinced, or are worried that you wouldn’t be able to pull them off then watch the short intro vid on this page and sign up to my monthly newsletter for tips and ideas, or download the three part series of books on Amazon, or join me, on my workshop on workshops.

Workshop blogs and vlogs

Guide to Running Workshops – 3 Part Series

Part 1:  Take a spin through Part 1 of this series and find out why workshops are such a game changer. Become a Challenge Chic member and pick it up for free or if you just have to have it now – grab it on Amazon here

Part 2: Topics and title to attract the masses; the ideal duration for your workshops; when to run them and times to run them at; how much to charge; how best to take bookings and payment and, most importantly, how to get marketing them. This is a fully packed little book. Sign up to the Challenge Chic and I’ll tell you how you can get it free or buy your copy here .

Part 3:  How to use your workshops to bring in more leads, more business and more income;  how to feel more confident at presenting and how to circumnavigate presenting pretty much altogether; why handouts are essential; how to set up a feedback portal that will take you from strength to strength; what to look for in a venue and a checklists of all the things you may need on the day.  Weaving through it all is some of that troubleshooting stuff, like how to deal with questions you don’t know the answer to and getting only a handful of people booking in for your 50-seat room.  Available here for just a few bucks.

Online – 6 week course

Whether you want more leads for your business or to have more impact on your existing clients or in your community; whether you are keen on an extra income stream, or simply expanding your offerings and skills – welcome. Workshops can do all of that.

This course will take you from go to whoa.  You’ll finish up with heaps of workshop topics for a range of markets, to roll out over the next 12 months.  We will fully develop at least one of those, firming up your advertising, venue, booking system etc. We’ll tackle all those fears around presenting and ensure the result is content rich and does what you need it to do.