Running workshops can be a lot of fun, bring in heaps of new leads and make for a great way to help important information sink in for clients.

This three part series is full of quick fire tips to help you feel confident running workshops and be successful straight off the bat.

Guide to running workshops – 3 part series

Workshop book cover

Part 1:  If you’ve never thought about running health and fitness workshops or, if you have but always come up with a hundred reasons not to, then take a spin through Part 1 of this series and find out why they are such a game changer. Sign up to The Challenge Chic and find out how to pick it up for free or if you just have to have it now – grab it on Amazon here

Part 2: How to choose the perfect topics for your workshops and how to come up with a title for them to attract the masses; the ideal duration for your workshops; when to run them and times to run them at; how much to charge; how best to take bookings and payment and, most importantly, how to market them. This is a fully packed little book!  Get your copy here.

Part 3:  What to look for in a venue; tips on being a confident speaker; how to utilise other presenters; essential things to include on handouts; how to set up an effective feedback form as well as tips on running online workshops.  We cover the situations where only a few people book in for your workshop: should you still run it? What to do when 20 people book in but only two turn up. What to do if you get asked an ‘easy’ question which you don’t know the answer to. There’s also a checklist for everything you will need on the day. Pre-order part 3 at its cheapest here.